Padabhyanga (45mins)

Foot and leg massage – special oils are used to revitalise tired feet.  This massage harmonises the whole body.  Excellent for blood circulation, treats varicose veins and reduces swelling.

Pinda Seda (1hr)

Herbal powder bolus massage – good for arthritis, stiff joints, joint pains and certain skin conditions.  Full body massage using hot oil and herbal bolus

Abhyanga Snanam (1hr 30mins)

One of the most important massage procedures in Ayurveda, balancing body systems and preventing fatigue, arthritis and rheumatism.  Promotes long life, good sleep and good skin – strengthens and soothes.  A wonderful treatment.

Udwarthanam (Exfoliation Therapy) (45 min)

Good for obesity related problems, poor blood circulation, slimmers, cellulite and exfoliation.  Includes steam bath, full body exfoliation using specific Ayurvedic powders.