Lash & Brow

Look after your eyelashes and eyebrows with treatments to shape and define.

Eyebrow Shape


to enhance the eyes

Eyebrow tint


gives definition to the eye contour

Eyelash tint


helps to enhance the eye area

Individual Lash Extensions


lengthens and thickens own lashes

Eyelash Perming/Lift


gives a beautiful natural curl to lashes
(24 hour tint and perm test is required before treatment)


Get rid of unwanted hair, fast and safe with lasting results giving you a silky smooth finish.

Eyebrow wax


Lip wax


Chin wax


Combined- eyebrow wax lip and chin wax


Lip bleach


Half leg wax


Full leg wax


Bikini line wax


Brazilian wax


Hollywood wax


Arm wax


Under arm wax


Back wax


Chest wax


Facial waxing


can include eyebrows, lip, chin, sides of the face and forehead

Hand & Feet

Wether it's for a special occasion or a regular treat, having great looking hands and nails is a good way to feel amazing. Please remember to bring open toe shoes or flip flops with you for any foot treatment.



nail shaping, cuticle work, hand massage and a polish

File and varnish


on hands or feet



including pro polish gel

Specialised manicure


nail shaping, cuticle work, hand massage, hot oil mitts or paraffin wax treatment and buffing of nails

French polish


Nail art


beautiful designs on every finger

Full set of acrylic nails




Nail repair


Soak off and mini manicure




Toe nails trimmed and filed,cuticle work,hard skin removed, exfoliation,massage and polish

Specialised pedicure


Toe nails trimmed and filed, cuticle work, hard skin removed, exfoliation, massage hot oil and pedi mitts or paraffin wax

Hollywood toes inc pedicure


Treatment includes a full pedicure and a gel application to the toes (french)

Hollywood toes




including pro polish gel



including twinkle toes

Twinkle toes or hands


Pro polish on hands or feet



A thorough consultation precedes all facial treatments to gain valuable insight to the clients health and lifestyle. We can therefore recommend a suitable treatment to gain vitality and wellness to the skin. Rediscover yourself – be more healthy – look even more beautiful!

Cathiodermie Facial (1 hr)


An electrical facial using a galvanic and high frequency current to deep cleanse, refine and re-hydrate the skin

Facial Faradic (1 hr)


This electrical treatment tightens and firms specific facial and neck muscles. Stimulates and increases the circulation leaving the face and neck revitalised and feeling younger

Sorisa Eye Treatment (30 min)


Intensive eye treatment utilising micro-current specifically targeting fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness. Course of 6 recommended

Paraffin Wax Facial (1 hr)


Deeply penetrating effect of purifying and moisturising, this heated mask will radiate the complexion and leave it glowing

Sorisa Micro-Current Lifting C (1 hr 15 min)


This method has been espcially created for the treatment of wrinkles and for the maintenance of a healthy vibrant skin. It helps control loss of elasticity and is effective from the first session.

Course of 6 recommended £254 which includes a free maintenance treatment.


Relax and unwind with our body treatments specially designed to leave you feeling wonderful.

Aromatherapy Body Massage (1hr 15 min)


Aromatherapy massage includes lymphatic drainage and manipulation providing an overall feeling of well-being. Specific oils are chosen to maximise benefits and promote health and repair within.

Aromatherapy Back Massage (25 min)


This beautiful massage is fantastic for reducing stress and recharging your batteries, oils once again specifically chosen to help encourage well-being

Indian Head Massage (25 min)


This massage concentrates on head, neck, shoulders and upper arms helping to relieve the symptoms of stress.

Reflexology (1 hr)


This wonderful treatment involves the stimulation of the reflex points in the feet – each area of the body is represented by a corresponding pressure point on the foot. Blockages are released and the body’s own natural energy flow is created

Hot Stone Massage (1 hr 15 min)


A balancing meditative experience. You will feel comforted and soothed and your stresses will just ease away.

Contour Body Wrap (1 hr 30 min)


This treatment involves dry skin brushing, body steam, active gell application and complete body wrap to help improve cellulite, tone, texture of skin and appearance – inch loss guaranteed.

Detoxifying Body Treatment (1 hr 15 min)


Detox every inch of your body; dry skin brushing, steam bath and lymphatic drainage using detoxifying oils Cypress, Juniper and Black pepper.

Body Microdermabrasion (45 min)


An excellent treatment for sluggish skin. The effects help stimulate cell regeneration and improve skin tone and texture. Areas to be treated include stomach, buttock, back, thich and chest.

Body Faradic (30 min sessions)


Guaranteed to tighten and firm muscles helping to reshape body contours. A wonderful incentive to a weight-loss programme.

Course of 10 recommended £117.00

Sorisa Body Lifting (1 hr)


Used in the treatment of body ageing, helps lift, stimulate and revitalise. Manual lifting breasts, stomach and buttocks – noticeable improvement of stretchmarks and appearance of creepy skin.

Course of 6 recommended inc free maintenance treatment £222.00

Thay Body Wrap (1 hr 30 min)


Inspired by the Tibetan Philosophy, Thay works on the body and the mind to create well-being through five different courses of treatment:

  • RAM – ANTI-CELLULITE TREATMENT – Ram is the fire element signifying heat, the warmth of an embrace, love, the passion
  • BHAM – SLIMMING TREATMENT – Bham is the water element representing the liquid dimension of the Thay system
  • LAM – TONING TREATMENT – Lam is the element which represents earth, stone and minerals. It signifies pragmatism and body chemistry
  • YAM – BREAST LINE TREATMENT – Yam is the air element; it signifies respiration and therefore
  • LIFE. The active ingredients have detoxifying, stimulating and toning properties
  • OM – THE WELL-BEING TREATMENT – Om is ether, which represents ambience and environment, the primal element in which all others are suspended.

THAY treatments last 1 hour 30 mins and include STEAM BATH treatment

Special Packages

Holiday Skin Prep (1 hr)


Steam bath, full body exfoliation, shower then full body moisturise – perfect skin ready for your holiday.

Top-to-Toe (2hrs 30mins)


Pedicure, manicure, deep cleanse facial and scalp massage. De-stress for the morning or afternoon – relax and unwind and pamper yourself.

Serenity Day (2hrs 30mins)


Aromatherapy body massage, reflexology and scalp massage – this is a morning or afternoon of sheer bliss.

Holiday Express (3hrs)


Eyebrow shape, eyelash tint, eyebrow tint, half leg wax, bikini wax, under arm wax, manicure and pedicure (remember to bring flip flops) you will be fully prepared for your fabulous holiday – feel confident!


Bridal Package


Trial bridal make-up (use on your Hen Party) eyelash tint, eyebrow shape, manicure, pedicure (French Polish).  Full body massage and Wedding Day Make-up.

Bridal Make-up


1 hour beautiful make-up for your special day.

Cleanse, tone and make-up (45 min)


Camouflage Make-up (1 hr)


Camouflage make-up including lesson on application.  (tattoos, birthmarks, scars, pigmentation etc.)


Electrolysis is the only permanent way to remove unwanted hair. We use the blend method of Electrolysis and with each client we use new disposable needles. Full consultation prior to treatment which is strictly confidential, all areas can be treated i.e. lip, chin, eyebrow, breast, bikini and legs. Our therapists are highly trained and experienced in this method of permanent hair removal.

Blend Electrolysis


per 15 minute session

Blend Electrolysis


per 30 minute session

Sterex Bio Skin Jetting

Sterex Bio Skin Jetting offers an attractive alternative to surgery. It is a completely natural method of diminishing wrinkles based upon the skins own natural regeneration capabilities. Regular appointments are required; usually fortnightly and a course of 5-7 will provide pleasing results.

15 minute treatment


30 minute treatment


Course of 7 treatments


15 minutes each

Ayurvedic Treatments

Shirobhyanga (30 mins)


Head, neck and shoulder massage, good for stress, strain and migraine

Shirodhara (Third Eye Drip) (45 Mins)


Profoundly relaxing – sheer bliss, good for sinusitis, chronic colds and insomnia

Udwarthanam (Exfoliation Therapy) (45 min)


Good for obesity related problems, poor blood circulation, slimmers, cellulite and exfoliation.  Includes steam bath, full body exfoliation using specific Ayurvedic powders.

Soundarya Vhardini (45 mins)


Facial massage and herbal facial, good for skin rejuvenation and skin cleansing – very uplifting!

Abhyanga Snanam (1hr 30mins)


One of the most important massage procedures in Ayurveda, balancing body systems and preventing fatigue, arthritis and rheumatism.  Promotes long life, good sleep and good skin – strengthens and soothes.  A wonderful treatment.

Pinda Seda (1hr)


Herbal powder bolus massage – good for arthritis, stiff joints, joint pains and certain skin conditions.  Full body massage using hot oil and herbal bolus

Padabhyanga (45mins)


Foot and leg massage – special oils are used to revitalise tired feet.  This massage harmonises the whole body.  Excellent for blood circulation, treats varicose veins and reduces swelling.

Other Treatments

We have many treatments for all needs, if theres something you don't see here, please call us. Here are details of our other treatments.

Ear Piercing


lower earlobe only, range of earrings available

Hopi Ear Candling


Hopi Ear Candling is an ancient treatment dating back to the HOPI Indian tribe.

This treatment is effective in treating excessive ear wax, itching in ears, tinnitus, sinus problems and slight deafness.

Also really effective for thos travellers who suffer when flying abroad, approximately three treatments would be advisable before your holiday.

Pressure point massage is included in each treatment.