Inspired by the Tibetan Philosophy, Thay works on the body and the mind to create well-being through five different courses of treatment:

  • RAM – ANTI-CELLULITE TREATMENT – Ram is the fire element signifying heat, the warmth of an embrace, love, the passion
  • BHAM – SLIMMING TREATMENT – Bham is the water element representing the liquid dimension of the Thay system
  • LAM – TONING TREATMENT – Lam is the element which represents earth, stone and minerals. It signifies pragmatism and body chemistry
  • YAM – BREAST LINE TREATMENT – Yam is the air element; it signifies respiration and therefore
  • LIFE. The active ingredients have detoxifying, stimulating and toning properties
  • OM – THE WELL-BEING TREATMENT – Om is ether, which represents ambience and environment, the primal element in which all others are suspended.

THAY treatments last 1 hour 30 mins and include STEAM BATH treatment